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Dr. La Offering Free Eye Exams This Week

eyeAre you having any problems reading this? Do the letters look a tad blurry? Do you need to strain or squint? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be due for a vision screening. Luckily for you, it could be free!


Tim Sheldon On How Reps Determine Priorities For The Year

If there's one thing Olympia has a lot of it's committiees. 35th District Representative Tim Sheldon discussed which issues are floating to the top of the priorities lists as the various special interest groups and lobbyists start to actively press their agendas onto the committiee members.


Environmentally Sound: Shelton Sewers And Water Processing

Greg Clark, City Engineer for City of Shelton, spoke about recent improvements to the local sewer system and water treatment centers on Environmentally Sound. Heavy rain earlier this month pressed the new systems to their limit, and the upgrades proved to reduce water-flow incidents around the region.


6th Annual Polar Bear Plunge ~ February 7th!

db 150The 6th Annual Polar Bear Plunge on Hood Canal is February 7th! Don Minor and Judy Jacobson from the Hood Canal Lions Club joined Daybreak Friday let everyone know  about the Plunge, and how important it is to local emergency services.


Rep. Drew MacEwen Envisions An Effective House This Year

db 150As happens each week, Drew MacEwen, Representative for the state's 35th district, spoke with Jeff and Dale on Thursday's Daybreak. He says he expects action on the house to ramp up in the next week or two,