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Tech Talk Fridays: FCC's Net Neutrality Vote

cyberOn Friday's edition of Daybreak I, KMAS's own Adam J. Click, tried to break down some of what the FCC's vote to classify broadband internet under title II means for the future. The landmark decision could mean more, faster access to the internet for Americans,

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35th District Rep. Drew MacEwen: Crunch Week

macewan hsThis has been a busy week for members of Washington's House Appropriations Committee. Last week's policy deadline means that any bills which were passed and call for added funding or taxes must now be approved by appropriations.

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Focus On Shelton: Reserve Police Officers

dbfosEarlier this week we learned about how much local Fire Departments depend on volunteer members to maintain the manpower requirements needed to respond to large-scale emergencies. Today we find out much the same is true for the Police Department.

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35th Dist. Rep. Dan Griffey: Passing Bills And Passing Lanes

griffeyvgWith all the talk of deadlines and committees moving through the State House and Senate it can be difficult to keep track of what legislature is in what step of it's journey toward becoming a law. 35th District Representative Dan Griffey spoke with Jeff & Dale on Wednesday

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Toby Kevin: Head Start For Poor Children

DBTobyKevinFor struggling families in need of support the act of navigating government and charity assistance programs can be overwhelming. Fortunately the Head Start program exists to help poverty-stricken households ensure their children's needs are met.

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