Community Calendar Instructions


Post your event on our Community Calendar – KMAS is now using a self serve community calendar.

  • Once on the community calendar page, to post an event, either click on the ‘plus’ (+) sign on the calendar itself (it will show up when you hover over the calendar) or click on the blue text underneath the calendar that says “Add an Event”.
  • By clicking on the + sign, or the blue text, you will be on a web page that says “JEvents”.  (this is the calendar form you must fill out).
  • When you are finished entering your information, click 'save' (located at the top right of the form).
  • If you have additional posts to make, repeat the process.
  • EDIT - if you need to edit your post, please contact KMAS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 426-1030. 
  • FAQ:
    • I can't scroll the edit page, I can't see the SAVE icon, I can't see the dates area
      • POSSIBLE SOLUTION:  Decrease the size of your screen - For windows - push down the CNTRL key and the minus key at the same time.  To increase screen size, push down the CNTRL key and the plus key at the same time.  Or try the CNTRL key and the zero key to reach a 100% screen size.