Joan Rivers Resolves "Fashion Police" Dispute with Writers Guild

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-10_2fceedb091.jpgManny Carabel/FilmMagic (LOS ANGELES) -- Joan Rivers has resolved a dispute with the Writers Guild of America East in connection with her work on her E! show, Fashion Police. The WGAE had brought charges against the 80-year-old comedienne and Writers Guild member for allegedly writing for Fashion Police while the program's writers are on strike.

Rivers' contract with the SAG-AFTRA entertainment/media union requires her to host Fashion Police during the strike.  She and the WGAE were at odds over whether her responsibilities as host included writing for the program.  As part of the resolution, she's agreed to stop writing for Fashion Police while the strike continues.

Rivers says in a statement, "As a lifetime member of the WGA, I have always supported the writers and want what’s best for them.  In further support of the striking writers, I’ve decided not to render any writing services even though as a comedian and SAG-AFTRA host, I often write material for myself.  Rest assured though I will always say what’s on my mind."

A WGAE hearing on the matter had been scheduled for next week.

The writers of Fashion Police went on strike against E! and Rivers' production company on April 17, claiming they are owed back wages.  In her statement, Rivers urges all involved to "sit down at the table and negotiate."

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