The Kinks' Dave Davies Shares Health Advice with Ailing AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2014-04_20fc259d8b.jpgCleopatra Records; Columbia Records -- On Wednesday, AC/DC announced that founding guitarist Malcolm Young was "taking a break from the band due to ill health."  The news came on the heels of an unconfirmed Australian blog post that claimed Young had suffered a stroke. While the nature of Malcolm's illness has yet to be officially revealed, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist who had a debilitating stroke back in 2004, The Kinks' Dave Davies, has offered some advice for the ailing musician.

Davies wrote a Facebook message directed at Young that reads, "[N]ever give up -- and remember all the important 'tricks' you learnt and keep going over and over them in your mind -- always [exercise] your hands and fingers -- picking coins from the floor -- picking up pins from a flat surface -- constantly touch the tips of your fingers with the thumb and try to do it faster and faster -- [imagine] playing your best solos ever in your mind before you go to sleep -- daily."

After suffering his stroke, it took a long time before Davies performed again, but he finally returned to the stage last year and has been playing shows fairly regularly ever since.

It's worth noting that the same blog post that reported Malcolm had had a stroke also claimed that AC/DC was set to announce its retirement, something the band refuted in its official statement.  The Australian rockers insisted in their message, "The band will continue to make music."

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