British Homebuyers Wooed with Free Elton John Concert

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2014-04_2e6f818084.jpgABC/Lou Rocco -- Ever agree to go check out a timeshare in exchange for a free gift?  Well, what if that free gift was an exclusive Elton John concert? Some lucky homebuyers in England are being offered just that, in exchange for their interest in a new development in London.

The British paper The Guardian reports that Wednesday night, prospective buyers who are looking to shell out for a home in London's new Battersea Power Station development will be treated to a lavish party whose highlight will be an intimate performance by Elton.  Considering the homes, which are being designed by famous architects, start at more than a million bucks for a studio apartment, and go up to well over four million dollars for a four-bedroom house, it appears that the developers wanted to offer a special enticement. 

"We're hosting the aim of bringing together people from across the community that we are creating," a spokesperson for the developer told the paper, noting that selecting Elton, the "quintessential British rocker," is part of their plan to encourage U.K., rather than foreign, buyers.

The paper reports that it's unclear how much Elton's being paid for the gig, but he's been known to rake in close to a million bucks for performances like this, which he then donates to his AIDS foundation.

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