David Bowie Debuts "Valentine’s Day" Video

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-07_250932821a.jpgImage credit: Jimmy King; Facebook.com; DavidBowie -- David Bowie has unveiled the video for “Valentine’s Day,” the new single from his latest album, The Next Day. The video consists of Bowie playing a guitar and singing the tune while in an abandoned warehouse. "Valentine’s Day" centers on Valentine, who's telling a pal about a violent outburst he has planned for their school.

The first verse features the lines:

“Valentine told me who's to go
"Feelings he's treasured most of all
"The teachers and the football star
"It's in his tiny face
"It's in his scrawny hand
"Valentine told him so
"He's got something to say, it's Valentine's Day
"The rhythm of the crowd,
"Teddy and Judy down
"Valentine sees it all
"He's got something to say, it's Valentine's Day”

Bowie will be releasing a seven-inch vinyl picture disc of "Valentine's Day" on August 20.

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