David Crosby Reveals Details About "Experimental" New Solo Album; Hopes for Another CSNY Tour

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-08_e7510c23f6.jpgPhoto: Eleanor Stills -- David Crosby is nearly finished with a new solo album that he maintains is "different than anything I've ever done."  In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the folk-rock legend says his goal for the project, which he's thinking about calling Dangerous Night, was to "make something experimental and out there."

He explains, "I've always wanted to hear the band instrumentals in the same kind of place where I wanted the vocals."

Crosby says the record, his first solo effort since 1993's Thousand Roads, was very much a collaboration with his son James Raymond, who also is Crosby, Stills & Nash's touring keyboardist.

"He co-produced it, sang on it, arranged and wrote the songs with me," notes the 72-year-old singer/songwriter.  David adds that another important contributor to the album was his friend, singer/guitarist Marcus Eaton, who lent his musical and vocal skills to the project.

Crosby recently shared an interesting tidbit about the album via his Twitter account, reporting that it will include a song titled "Holding On to Nothing" that features a trumpet solo by jazz great Wynton Marsalis.

Meanwhile, David continues to tour frequently with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, but he tells Rolling Stone that he's hoping Neil Young also will eventually agree to hit the road with the trio again.

"I love working with Neil," Crosby declares.  "He really does push the envelope.  He makes fantastic music.  I feel really good working with him."

David notes that he realizes Young always follows his muse, something he appreciates and supports.

"I want him playing music that excites him right that minute," Crosby maintains.  "And if that includes me, that's wonderful.  If it doesn't, that's wonderful too."

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