McCartney Looks Back at the 'Early Days' in New Interview

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-09_1de61e6786.jpgMPL/Mary McCartney -- Paul McCartney is featured in the new issue of Britain's MOJO Magazine, which hits newsstands on Tuesday. In reference to "Early Days," a song from his upcoming album New, Sir Paul talks about people who weren't part of The Beatles' inner circle back in the day -- but act as if they were. "The fact is, there's only a given body of people who really know inside out what [went] on… But when they get it wrong, you just have to live with it."

He adds, "Someone said to me the other day -- and it was kind of horrifying -- 'Well, John was the clever one, you were the cute one, Ringo was the funny one and George was the spiritual one.' And I'm like, 'Yeeeah, that's it.'" Elsewhere in theinterview, McCartney remembers meeting with Samantha "Sam" Taylor-Wood, who directed Nowhere Boy, the 2009 biopic about John Lennon. He says, "[Sam] came around to my house with the script… In the film, John and his mates jump on the top of a bus and he never did that.  Sam said, 'Ah yes, but it's a great scene.' So I have to go, 'You know what, Sam?  Let's get an agreement.  This is not a life, it's a film.  This is not the reality'."

New, McCartney's first album of original material since 2007, arrives October 15.

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