Cher Says New Album "Closer to the Truth" Is "Fun Upfront, Pain at the End"

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-09_0d5b38a7c3.jpgWarner Bros. Records -- Cher's new album, Closer to the Truth, in stores now, has the upbeat dance songs you may have come to expect from the woman who brought you 1998's chart-topping "Believe," but it's also got its share of emotional ballads about love, loss and heartbreak.  All the dance songs on the album come first, followed by all the ballads, and Cher says that's exactly how she wanted it.

"I don't like listening to an album and having the songs mixed," she tells ABC News Radio.  "I wanna have all my fun upfront and then I wanna have all my pain at the end!"

In fact, it's surprising that there are any ballads on the disc at all, considering that  that's not what Cher's record label wanted her to do for her first all-new album in more than a decade.  "My company wanted me to make a dance record," she tells ABC News Radio.  "And I was okay with having dance songs, because I like them and I think these are good and funny and exciting...but then you want to sing other things too."

Among the slower tunes that Cher has included is a song about 9/11 called "Sirens," a heartbreaking track written by Pink called "Lie to Me" and her new single, "I Hope You Find It," a highly emotional number that you'll see her perform on Live with Kelly & Michael this Tuesday.  Asked how she picked the songs for Closer to the Truth, Cher says it all came down to emotion.

"It's a feel," she explains.  "There's no criteria because songs bypass the brain and they just go straight to your feelings.  So I'll know right away if I like a song...something happens and it just sets off alarm bells in you."

What she didn't want to do with the record, she explains, was try to make it sound like everything else on the charts these days.  "I don't even know what trends are," she claims, adding, "It wouldn't make any sense for me to try and do something too trendy.  It wouldn't be me."

Cher will take her new material on the road for the first time since her so-called Never Can Say Goodbye Tour wrapped up in 2005: her Dressed to Kill tour gets under way in March.  Technically, Cher doesn't really need to ever tour again, so why is she putting herself through it?  "If I don't do it now, I'll never do it again," she tells ABC News Radio.  "I know that about myself.  I won't tour again if I don't do it now."  But she says she's still a bit ambivalent about returning to the road.

"I'm taking a certain amount of dates to see how I feel," she explains.  "It's been a long, long time since I was on the road and I'm taking these dates to see if I'm still really good and how I feel about it, you know?"  Tickets for the jaunt go on sale next week.

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