Your Co.'s Accounting Services

Business owners often overlook one of the most important ingredients of a company’s overall success, by hiring an unqualified bookkeeper or accountant as their “in house” service provider. Unfortunately, in an effort to save on the company’s bottom line, we have witnessed firsthand what happens to a business when an unqualified person is asked to provide accounting services for the company, without prior training or an understanding of the many rules and laws that impact a business. Often times the unqualified individual that is asked to perform the required duties of maintaining the company’s accounting system is so unaware of their own lack of knowledge, that they only find out about their deficiencies when the company is audited by the IRS, or the State of WA.

A qualified accountant or bookkeeper should have knowledge in proper accounting practices, a sound understanding of payroll and sales and excise tax reporting rules, both state and local, as well as an ability to provide the owner with reports that allow for better company decision making. Our firm offers full charge accounting services, including payroll and excise reporting, as well as an oversight role to monitor the activities of the in house bookkeeper or accountant to make sure that the company is in compliance with all of the rules and laws that affect the company’s operations, as well as to make sure the company’s accounting system provides useful information to the owners/management of the company. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss our services!

Latest Tax & Accounting News By Mike Wittenberg

Posted September 4, 2013