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Citizen Editorial: J Z Knight “Channels” Money to Local Candidate

J Z Knight, or is it Ramtha, is now involved in our state senate race for the 35th district. On 7/28, the Thurston County Democrats contributed $10,500 to the campaign of Irene Bowling (Washington Public Disclosure Commission). The Thurston County Democrats had earlier received two contributions totaling $65,000 from Knight who runs Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment where she claims to channel for an ancient entity. This is currently over one-third of Thurston’s total contributions.

For Knight’s views, please see the following post from 2012 which caused the state democratic party to take her $70,000 dollar contribution and give it away.

Is this the kind of state senator we desire, someone who will take large quantities of money from this source? We need a person who understands the real world and knows the people of the 35th district. We do not need a senator who “channels” the talking points of the day. Take a look at Travis Couture for senate, I think you will find him a refreshing change and a person who we can count on to truly represent us.

Bob Rogers, Shelton

July 31, 2014

Citizen Editorial: 35th District Candidate that's best for Jobs

I am a retired Business person that, since I stopped operating my business I am much more voiceful with my concerns of the way the State goes about regulating business because I have nothing to lose at this point. I think there are probably many small business owners that get very frustrated with the legislature and their actions but are afraid to say anything, fearing concerns of interventions by regulators making their lives and business operations more difficult than they need to be. Not mentioning any names here, but one incumbent candidate threatened a business owner their permitting process could be difficult if they kept an opposing candidates sign up during this primary.

Unlike the big corporations most all of the small businesses just don't have the ability to effectively lobby the legislature while big corporate lobbyists massage new rules to better benefit the big corporate needs. Studies have been done on small business and regulation costing 3 to 4 times as much as the cost is to large corporations and adds barriers to the threshold when starting a business. It should be an unwritten commitment by every candidate to consider the local guys when dealing with business regulation.

Boeing an obvious important corporation in our state and country was the benefactor of a special deal enhancing their situation here to keep them here. I don't disagree that it was important to keep them here, but what is good for Boeing to remain in business in Washington should be an example of our over burdening regulatory environment for business in general. To foster a healthy entrepreneurial environment here is so very important for jobs, and opportunity for our young job seekers while improving local ownership and economic development. It's pretty simple do we want to compete in a competitive world?

We are fortunate to have a young candidate in Travis Couture running for State Senate that understands the difficulties I'm talking about here with his business background. Travis came from a humble situation as a young teen in split household taking his little brother with him for a time and made it work for them on their own. Travis is abreast of the dealings of the Legislature good and bad to prepare himself for the task at hand and watch out for "us" not beholding to some big corporate concern. Some say, Travis is too radical with his ideas, but I say Travis understands where we went wrong and has some great ideas to put us on a better path in the future.

Travis is big on individual and property rights like overreach by the NSA and reduce private property regulations. He recognizes the bloated administrative cost to education reaping most of the funds while the classrooms and students are second in this upside down situation and has plans to promote options to correct it. The proper education system pays big dividends in the long run which will be its own magnet when it comes to business and jobs. One only needs to look at Germany or perhaps China as examples of education as they did with the USA long ago when our system was best, and made it better for them, while our world high school ranking has slipped to a tragic 29th place. We need some new ideas, we need Travis Couture as our State Senator.

Jerry Goodwin, Union

July 30, 2014

Citizen Editorial: North Mason School Board Meeting/Theler Issues

A special North Mason School District school board meeting was held on June 23 with about 24 hours notice. Board member Dinah Griffey was absent. There were about 11 people in the audience, the most I've seen at a school board meeting for a while.
The board talked for over an hour about Theler issues, with handouts for the audience. Board directors John Campbell and Art Wightman seemed to talk the longest, defending their vote to "surplus" the Theler property and the need to educate the public about what "surplus" means.
In my opinion, all "surplusing" does is just cloud the issue and sweep responsibility under the rug.
The four board members also expressed concerns about the use of levy money currently supporting Theler operations. They plan to conduct an online survey before a public forum, scheduled for Thursday, August 14th.
It seems to me most of Theler's problems started about the same time the school board instituted "policy governance" (2007-2008) and current board directors Boad, Campbell, and Wightman appointed Superintendent David Peterson to the Salmon Center board of directors and Mel Coffman to the Theler board of directors.
Could it be that the real failure of Theler rests with the school board and Superintendent Peterson? Is that why there seems to be no progress on the Mason County Sheriff's Office investigation?
Bottom line the school board should nullify the motion to surplus the property and the Sheriff's office should be allowed to finish their investigation.

Ken VanBuskirk, Belair
July 29, 2014

Citizen Editorial: It is time for Tim Sheldon to GO!

It is time for Tim Sheldon to GO! He is an autocratic Dictator in a representative government. He represents none of us unless it is for personal benefit to him. His duel elected positions as both the Senator of the 35th District and as a Mason County Commissioner has fed his narcissistic personality and is fulfilling his personal need for power. This week, I had a very interesting interaction with the National Rifle Association. As a long time member and avid supporter or our 2nd Amendment rights and the U.S. Constitution, I questioned their financial support for his re-election. Their response was that he has received an A+ rating. I was shocked to learn that the NRA DID NOT know his voting record to broaden background checks. His votes are NOT 100% in support of the NRA. This is just one, but a serious example of where Tim Sheldon lies! But of course we all need to be reminded that Senator Sheldon (Commissioner Sheldon) received a determination from the courts that he as a Senator can “lie with impunity”. I am personally done with the lying and the manipulation of information. The label of “maverick” he bestows upon himself is not a badge of courage---it is an affront to the citizens of his District. We live in a Democracy yet Senator Sheldon is a self-serving Dictator that commonly states “SO, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?” when he is caught in a lie or a shenanigan. I encourage everyone in the 35th to vote for Travis Couture. He IS truthful and will serve all of us with knowledge, honesty and integrity. Voters at last need to “DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT”! NO MORE TIM!

Dennis Ohlde, Belfair

Citizen Editorial: July 29, 2014

As I was handing out fliers for Dan Griffey, a candidate for the State House, a woman approached me, "How can you be a Republican and a woman?" She asked, then quickly turned and left not waiting for an answer. Well, I would like to answer her. Her 1st mistaken assumption was that I was a Republican. I am not. As a conservative many Republicans and I have common goals.
As a woman, I want to see my tax dollars respected for the work that went into earning it as the members of my household do.
As a woman, and an American, I want the freedom to follow my faith (by the way faith is not a tradition, but a fundamental belief) and not be forced to violate that faith in my personal or business practices.
As a woman, I cherish the life that women are given to nurture and mentor from the moment life begins. At that point a woman's role is to protect and care for the gift they are given.
Now this lady I met today may not agree with me on any of the above ideas, which is her right; yet I am sure we would have found common ground as women and fellow human beings if we took the time. That is what makes America resilient.
Like her, I do not want choices made for me, or assumptions made of me because I am a woman. I endorse Dan Griffey, yet I hope my thoughts in this letter will not be assumed to be Mr. Griffey's. Though we do agree on many things, he too is an independent thinker, but then he is a guy, so his thoughts may not be predetermined by the liberal left like mine are.  
Lorilyn Rogers, Shelton

July 29, 2014