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Citizen Editorial: What Happened When I tried to Visit Sen. Sheldon's Office in Olympia

I have been very concerned about the situation regarding cruelty to animals at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, WA., especially since one former officer of the “Sanctuary” is now an employee of state government, so I went to my three district representatives to seek support for the Attorney General’s investigation of OAS. This is what happened:

I called Kathy Haigh’s office. I immediately got an appointment to meet with Representative Haigh. I spent about half an hour with her and showed her all the horrifying pictures of the interior of the so-called sanctuary. She was very understanding and supportive of my efforts seek enforcement of WA laws concerning the management of charities and the laws concerning the abuse of animals. I had no idea that a State Representative could be so receptive.

I called Drew MacEwan’s office. I was quickly given an appointment with the Rperesentative. At the last minute, due to a committee meeting, Rep. MacEwan was unable to meet with me, so I met with his aide instead. The aide was very interested in my issues and supportive although not as informed as Rep. Haigh.

I called Senator Sheldon’s office to get an appointment. The lady who answered the phone asked me what group I represented. In other words, what group was I lobbying for? I explained that I was just a voter. Well, Sen. Sheldon was too busy right then to make an appointment. I had to call three times before I could get a meeting and the meeting was with an aide. The aide was very nice, but after hearing me out, she said that she would not be able to give my letter or materials to Senator Sheldon for another eleven days because he was too busy.

So that’s the difference in how our three current state elected officials treat a voter. I think Senator Sheldon has been in office too long and takes the voters for granted. I will be voting for Irene Bowling.

Laura Koerber, Shelton

October 22, 2014

Citizen Editorial: Tim Sheldon's Behavior

A couple of days ago I was pounding in an Irene Bowling sign and a man pulled his truck over and stomped over to me and said “don’t touch my sign”. It was Tim Sheldon. He kept yelling at me to not touch his sign, until I finally said to him, look," I did not touch your sign." He kept yelling at me, so I said do you want my fingerprints taken? I don’t mind since you won’t find any on your sign. I don’t tamper with other people’s signs. He finally stomped away. I have also heard that Tim has told others to take their large signs down. The signs were for Travis Couture and Irene Bowling. No free speech for them I guess. A great deal of money is being spent on local campaigns now and if anyone out there does not understand that they are stealing private property when they remove properly placed signs, they should. Signs are speech.
I guess some people feel they are so powerful, the law doesn’t apply to them.

Larry King, Shelton

October 20, 2014

Citizen Editorial: A Vote For Drew MacEwen

I would like to voice my preference in the 35th House of Representatives Position 2 race for incumbent Representative Drew MacEwen.  Representative MacEwen has earned another 2 years representing the constituents in the 35th because of the outstanding work he accomplished during his freshman term.

Drew MacEwen brings a vast array of life skills and extensive financial knowledge to the legislature that sorely needs someone who understands economics and has had first hand experience navigating through the maze of administrative and bureaucratic red tape as a small business owner and knows from those experiences what the state needs to become more job friendly.

Representative MacEwen is also empathetic with all the concerns plaguing the citizens in the 35th Legislative District which is vastly different than folks in larger urban areas of the state and he works hard in a bipartisan fashion to prevent our exploitation.

Please join me voting YES for Drew MacEwen for the House of Representatives Position 2 in order to keep moving this state forward.


Robert Knight
Seabeck, WA

October 20, 2014

Citizen Editorial: Walkout-gate Distracts from Issues

Dear Editor

I have spent the past 36 hours hearing and reading about Tammey Newton and Walkout-gate. Like the many “gates” that have come before, the explanation is usually pretty simple: there’s something to hide. In this case, the staged walkout shows at the very least Tammey wants to hide her position on issues like raising the minimum wage and increasing our gas tax. This smacks of arrogance, and makes me wonder if she’ll be prone to backroom deals at our expense. This political stunt shows a lack of maturity, and a weak attempt to distract from the issues facing us in the 35th. I’m supporting Drew MacEwen because he’s not afraid of a yes or no question on the issues and is accountable to the voters.

Pete Siudela, Grapeview

October 16, 2014

Citizen Editorial: Pick the Right Horse

A recent letter to the editor in the Journal described a group of three woman legislative candidates as a "dynamic trio riding IN on beautiful Arabian Mares". What a vision. This woman, however, would like a little less Hallmark and more substance. I can see these three candidates riding their horses into the herd of Democratic legislators to follow the lead horses of their party. The herd continues to stampede for higher fuel and energy costs along with state income tax, restrict individual property and religious rights, limit women's health insurance choices, and solve all problems through bigger government. We need to elect candidates steering their horses in an independent direction. Candidates who will ride their horses to places where our current ruling party will not: like true reform of state government by taking on entrenched special interest groups, taking seriously the education of our children, possibly at the expense of state bureaucracies, and putting the people of the state ahead of their party's agenda. We need to elect people like Dan Griffey to the state house. He may not prompt scenes from a Hallmark movie like his opponent apparently does, but that is not what I am looking for in a candidate. Griffey will provide true representation for the 35th.

P.S. For those who attended or have viewed the recent Chamber of Commerce forum, apparently two of these women candidates will ride OUT on their steeds to avoid tough questions.

Lorilyn Rogers, Shelton

October 16, 2014