Citizen Editorial: This should be a no-brainer

I don’t pretend to know everything about politics. What I do know, is that in any plan for success, one of the key ingredients is having a good team of people with like minds. This is why I am continually flabbergasted that Republicans in the 35th LD would even consider casting their vote for Tim Sheldon – A DEMOCRAT - to hold his seat in the Senate. I realize he was welcomed by Republicans in order to obtain a majority – but that is past history. There is (never was) a guarantee that the Majority Coalition would hold together, especially now with Rodney Tom retiring. This type of “compromise” only hurts our party. If you’re not willing to support our sole Republican candidate for State Senate, Travis Couture, I suggest you do some soul searching to ask yourself why. I know Travis personally and I’m confident he has a firm grasp on the issues, and he will work for YOU and the values that we should ALL share. Tim Sheldon has been in office for 25+ years. Are we any better off? We have the opportunity to hand over the reins to the next generation of young, intelligent, and passionate men and women who WANT to make a difference, who see their futures bleak, as the “status quo” continues. We OWE it to them. I urge you to consider supporting your own party’s candidate. It is the right thing to do.

Dawn Peet
Shelton, WA