Daybreak 2

Citizen Editorial: Mason County Forest Festival, a Republican event?

For over a month prior to the Forest Festival Parade we attempted to make contact with parade officials/organizers by E-mail and phone. Calls and E-mails were not answered. After the deadline for entry, we made one last attempt to participate in the parade and were reluctantly given the home number for President of the Forest Festival, Judy Bidwell. When we talked with her about the parade and the possibility of entering a political candidate, her very first question was “who is the candidate?” We nearly said, “Does it matter?” but instead told her the candidate’s name. The rules clearly stated ALL ENTRIES MUST BE DECORATED USING THE 2014 THEME 
“Our Logging Legacy”. We were stymied about how we might decorate a Corvette carrying the candidate and comply with the logging legacy theme. She responded that “was just a suggestion”. Finally Judy said there was no more room in the parade, not even for one car.

We do not feel the Mason County Forest Festival Association is accurately representing the community. The appearance is that the Mason County Forest Festival is using the event to showcase Republican candidates. There were many candidates in the parade and only one was a Democrat.

Larry King and Laurel Nelson-King