Daybreak 2

Citizen Editorial - July 27, 2014

It has been amazing watching Tim Sheldon the past few months and how he treats other elected officials. Shamefully, is the word that immediately comes to mind.
   Sheldon blames “Seattle liberals” for Mason County woes. In fact, King County is one of only a handful of Counties in the state that pay for services state-wide. A huge majority of Counties get back more from the state than they pay in. 22 Counties have a return greater than the dollar they put in.
   Sheldon’s favorite punching bag, King County, is not one of them.  
   King County gets $.55 for every dollar paid to the State. Mason County gets $1.78, Kitsap gets $1.02 and Thurston gets $4.48.
   When discussing transportation taxes paid to the state, the top 3 Counties for a return on the dollar of investment are: Garfield County, $3.60, Lincoln County, $3.04, and Ferry County, $2.52. These Counties are all in Eastern Washington.
   King County gets $.95, Mason County gets a woeful $.65, Kitsap gets $1.00 and Thurston gets $.89 for every dollar paid for transportation. The problem is NOT King County. King County is also getting less than they put in on transportation. The problem in Mason County is a failure of leadership. Tim Sheldon has served as Mason County Commissioner and the 35thLD State Senator, has been on the transportation committee and the joint legislative transportation committee, but has been unable, or unwilling, to help our district. So, he has created an “urban vs. rural storyline so he can blame King County instead of taking responsibility for his own failed leadership.
Sheldon’s arrogance and abuse of power comes from one who has served far too long.     Tim Sheldon has gobbled at the public trough for 24 years, so what does the 35 theLD have to show for it?
 Mason County, for which he is also a county commissioner, is debt-ridden and resides in the bottom fourth of all counties in the state, regarding economics, jobs, education, transportation, crime, homelessness, drugs etc.
   Irene Bowling is running for the State Senate position, believing our district has not been well served.
  She began her career teaching piano at 13 to help put herself through college and then worked at Olympic College while finishing her doctorate at the UW.
   Irene knows that it takes hard work to meet goals and without education no one can reach their full potential. She has spent her life dedicated to that principle, even with students who had been terribly abused like the child who would not speak, she worked so he could play the piano and helped him with his own compositions. It took years gaining his confidence and today, he is a University professor and renowned composer.
   She is part of the middle class concerned that too few have too much and too many have too little.
  Irene is fully qualified to be our State Senator. She understands the need to listen and collaborate with others. She will be transparent in her decisions and take responsibility for them.
   Irene Bowling understands the difference between public service and self-service.  
Fran Moyer, Seabeck
July 27, 2014