Citizen Editorial: More Insanity or Change?

I recently received a letter from Mrs. Linda Sheldon asking me to join her in “returning her husband – Tim Sheldon – to the state senate.”  She does not provide a return address so I am attempting to reach her through the press.

Mrs. Sheldon opens her “heartfelt” letter explaining they had no political involvement when her husband first announced he would run for State House of Representatives twenty-four years ago.  She then goes on to say, “… and I knew partisan politics could be vicious and all-consuming.”  That is not a good way to introduce yourself to me.  The contradiction just does not sound believable.  Mrs. Sheldon tells us her husband “… began his long career as a “maverick” legislator in state government.”  The family likes that moniker and has convinced the press to constantly remind us.  However, I maintain he is actually a rogue Senator/Commissioner.  In other words, “I do my own thing and I don’t care about the system, anyone’s.”  Mrs. Sheldon mentions Seattle and Olympia special interests, “Party Bosses” and “Olympia Power Brokers” and does not name them.  As if there are “bogeypeople” out there who must be fought at all costs.  Sometimes he runs as an Independent, sometimes as a Democrat and typically votes as a Republican, while consistently courting out-of-state money.  Which of the “Party Bosses” does he fear and why?   These are the type of beliefs and actions that actually create and maintain divisiveness in politics.  Mrs. Sheldon goes on to say, “As I write this, their negative mailings filled with vile accusations are already being printed.”  Those are strong words.  I have not seen any such mailings from either Republican Travis Couture or Democrat Irene Bowling’s campaigns.  As a Personnel Professional, I sense some anger management issues.

We travel through life on our reputations.  One need not look very far to see the specific behaviors from our incumbent Senator/Commissioner and determine we have had enough.  We can do better with our precious tax dollars.  I know I can, so I will be voting for Irene Bowling.  Irene Bowling has actual job experience, actually runs a small business, is active in her community, and plans to provide actual help in the legislature.

So, no, Mrs. Sheldon, I cannot in good conscience keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  I will not be voting for a man who is a thorough politician who is really only interested in furthering his own goals.  A spouse is surely likely to have a different picture than a non-related citizen.  I am a life-long Democrat, and therefore know that he is NOT one of us and he does NOT represent our values.  Any logical voter must ask, “Truly, who is this man, and why should I vote for him?”

Roslynne Reed, Shelton,

July 28, 2014