Citizen Editorial: July 29, 2014

As I was handing out fliers for Dan Griffey, a candidate for the State House, a woman approached me, "How can you be a Republican and a woman?" She asked, then quickly turned and left not waiting for an answer. Well, I would like to answer her. Her 1st mistaken assumption was that I was a Republican. I am not. As a conservative many Republicans and I have common goals.
As a woman, I want to see my tax dollars respected for the work that went into earning it as the members of my household do.
As a woman, and an American, I want the freedom to follow my faith (by the way faith is not a tradition, but a fundamental belief) and not be forced to violate that faith in my personal or business practices.
As a woman, I cherish the life that women are given to nurture and mentor from the moment life begins. At that point a woman's role is to protect and care for the gift they are given.
Now this lady I met today may not agree with me on any of the above ideas, which is her right; yet I am sure we would have found common ground as women and fellow human beings if we took the time. That is what makes America resilient.
Like her, I do not want choices made for me, or assumptions made of me because I am a woman. I endorse Dan Griffey, yet I hope my thoughts in this letter will not be assumed to be Mr. Griffey's. Though we do agree on many things, he too is an independent thinker, but then he is a guy, so his thoughts may not be predetermined by the liberal left like mine are.  
Lorilyn Rogers, Shelton

July 29, 2014


#5 betty 2014-08-05 16:49
Exactly right Darrell, which is why I would not could not ever vote for a candidate that "prefers" the Republican party. It is a party that "assumes" all citizens should be religious, all woman should want to have children and all underprivileged people are just lazy and should just get a job.
#4 Darrell Barker 2014-08-04 18:50
Apparently you've not heard of the

#3 betty 2014-07-31 17:34
I agree with most of the comments. However, I absolutely believe the current Republican Party in Congress has and still is working very hard to undermine our freedoms especially those of woman. As for "choice" and "gift". Not all woman look at an unplanned "gift" as a good thing.Laws are being passed by republicans across the Country that take away woman's rights to choose how and when their body produces "gifts" which is really what the comments are about. The comments have a religious undertone, religion should have no place in passing laws. "Like her, I do not want choices made for me, or assumptions made of me because I am a woman."
#2 WA Army Vet 2014-07-29 16:14
PERFECTLY said... Thank you for taking the time on this message. I agree that people should not make up their minds about people by supporting 1 candidate in 1 party... We all have at least some things in common. If we just took the time to focus on things we have in common rather than criticizing each other for being a "D" or an "R"..... maybe we could get along better and actually start working together towards common goals! Not all corporations are bad, not all Republicans are bad, not all Democrats are bad... Let's quit looking at someone and decide who they are and what they think or be in judgment of them because they support a candidate - R or D..

:) God Bless
#1 Tom Davis 2014-07-29 09:57
What a wonderful, well thought out editorial opinion. I can’t think of a thing to add to the previous comment (a small miracle in itself). Thank you.