Daybreak 2

Citizen Editorial: It is time for Tim Sheldon to GO!

It is time for Tim Sheldon to GO! He is an autocratic Dictator in a representative government. He represents none of us unless it is for personal benefit to him. His duel elected positions as both the Senator of the 35th District and as a Mason County Commissioner has fed his narcissistic personality and is fulfilling his personal need for power. This week, I had a very interesting interaction with the National Rifle Association. As a long time member and avid supporter or our 2nd Amendment rights and the U.S. Constitution, I questioned their financial support for his re-election. Their response was that he has received an A+ rating. I was shocked to learn that the NRA DID NOT know his voting record to broaden background checks. His votes are NOT 100% in support of the NRA. This is just one, but a serious example of where Tim Sheldon lies! But of course we all need to be reminded that Senator Sheldon (Commissioner Sheldon) received a determination from the courts that he as a Senator can “lie with impunity”. I am personally done with the lying and the manipulation of information. The label of “maverick” he bestows upon himself is not a badge of courage---it is an affront to the citizens of his District. We live in a Democracy yet Senator Sheldon is a self-serving Dictator that commonly states “SO, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?” when he is caught in a lie or a shenanigan. I encourage everyone in the 35th to vote for Travis Couture. He IS truthful and will serve all of us with knowledge, honesty and integrity. Voters at last need to “DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT”! NO MORE TIM!

Dennis Ohlde, Belfair