Citizen Editorial: North Mason School Board Meeting/Theler Issues

A special North Mason School District school board meeting was held on June 23 with about 24 hours notice. Board member Dinah Griffey was absent. There were about 11 people in the audience, the most I've seen at a school board meeting for a while.
The board talked for over an hour about Theler issues, with handouts for the audience. Board directors John Campbell and Art Wightman seemed to talk the longest, defending their vote to "surplus" the Theler property and the need to educate the public about what "surplus" means.
In my opinion, all "surplusing" does is just cloud the issue and sweep responsibility under the rug.
The four board members also expressed concerns about the use of levy money currently supporting Theler operations. They plan to conduct an online survey before a public forum, scheduled for Thursday, August 14th.
It seems to me most of Theler's problems started about the same time the school board instituted "policy governance" (2007-2008) and current board directors Boad, Campbell, and Wightman appointed Superintendent David Peterson to the Salmon Center board of directors and Mel Coffman to the Theler board of directors.
Could it be that the real failure of Theler rests with the school board and Superintendent Peterson? Is that why there seems to be no progress on the Mason County Sheriff's Office investigation?
Bottom line the school board should nullify the motion to surplus the property and the Sheriff's office should be allowed to finish their investigation.

Ken VanBuskirk, Belair
July 29, 2014