Citizen Editorial: J Z Knight “Channels” Money to Local Candidate

J Z Knight, or is it Ramtha, is now involved in our state senate race for the 35th district. On 7/28, the Thurston County Democrats contributed $10,500 to the campaign of Irene Bowling (Washington Public Disclosure Commission). The Thurston County Democrats had earlier received two contributions totaling $65,000 from Knight who runs Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment where she claims to channel for an ancient entity. This is currently over one-third of Thurston’s total contributions.

For Knight’s views, please see the following post from 2012 which caused the state democratic party to take her $70,000 dollar contribution and give it away.

Is this the kind of state senator we desire, someone who will take large quantities of money from this source? We need a person who understands the real world and knows the people of the 35th district. We do not need a senator who “channels” the talking points of the day. Take a look at Travis Couture for senate, I think you will find him a refreshing change and a person who we can count on to truly represent us.

Bob Rogers, Shelton

July 31, 2014