Daybreak 2

Citizen Editorial: Response To VanBuskirk

Fellow Community Members:
This is in response to the letter of last week by Ken VanBuskirk.
It is amazing that a former North Mason school board member would chastise the current board because they “instituted policy governance.” Really? I was a 13-year member of the same school board and know the law. Why doesn’t Ken?
Per Washington State law, school directors (commonly called school board members) are to adopt policy to allow for certain things to happen. It is then the superintendent’s job to see to it that they do. The RCWs are readily available online. See RCW 28A 150.230, “District School Directors’ Responsibilities.” When Ken was a school board member, it was with two others who formed a majority that chose to micro-manage the district outside of “policy governance,” which means outside of the RCWs. Fortunately for our school district, those 3 are no longer on the board, and our current board members choose to adhere to the law. As an aside, I contacted the Sheriff’s office regarding the financial concerns and potential crimes at Theler Center and learned that it is an open, ongoing investigation. That the school district in any way may be disallowing that from going forward, as Ken implied, is “not reality at all,” per the detective in charge.

Linda Thomson, Belfair

August 4, 2014