Citizen Editorial: IRS Ruling On Tax Exempt Churches

In this newest election season, it seems the right time to discuss this:
What do we make of the recent IRS ruling of its resumption of doing its job by policing and correcting tax-exempt churches that pulpit, pamphlet and table-top engage in electioneering?
US District Judge Lynn S. Adelman, Milwaukee, last week handed the Holy Cross Anglican Church and its help of the Becket Fund a defeating blow. Both the church and Becket Fund were insisting they had a free speech right to engage in partisan politicking from the pulpit without losing its tax exempt status.
Seems right to me for the IRS to resume enforcement only because it’s the rules for all 501c3 non-profits to abide by and churches, though sincere, shouldn’t get a pass, shouldn’t be able to have their angel-food cake and eat it too.
What say ye?
Darrell Barker, Shelton
August 6, 2014