Citizen Editorial: The Dave Ramsey Show

I listen to The Dave Ramsey show near daily. He offers up to we KMAS listeners very sage, sound and salivating financial advice to abide by. I like the show and his ideas of getting out of debt.
Too, in support of his ideology and preferred methods, he is often quoting scriptures in Thessalonians and other substantiating books of the bible supporting his worldviews. He is often heard referring to Jesus as the “prince of peace” leading me to think he is a rather keen follower of Jesus’ teachings.
That being suspected, I’m curious what he thinks of Jesus’ teachings found in Luke 6:30 where we are advised by Jesus himself to “give to any man who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, don’t ask for it back.”
Seems to me Jesus offers a better way to get totally debt free than the way Ramsey is advising. Now, since Ramsey is a follower of Jesus teachings, I’m thinking I might just go ahead and be that “anyone” spoken about in Luke 6:30 and I just might go and ask Ramsey for his money and see what happens. I could be debt free in a week. Hmmmmmmm.
What say ye?
Darrell Barker, Shelton
August 15, 2014