Citizen Editorial: One More Time With Feeling

I don’t want to belabor a point. However, I am compelled to respond to Linda Sheldon’s letter to the editor of the Journal of 8/14/14.
In a letter to the editor of the Olympian 8/11/14, Maija Keller of Olympia also received Mrs. Sheldon’s letter to women voters in the 35th district and describes exactly what I would expect from Mrs. Sheldon had I just called her. Ms. Keller states; “I wish he would run as an independent and not fraudulently as a Democrat. That’s what I told her; she hung up. Not a sign of openness to diverse opinions or bipartisan cooperation.”
I agree that Mrs. Sheldon should provide her letter for others to read and make up their own minds. However, I am not sure what value that would have, given the fact she is a spouse of a candidate and would be expected to have a different perspective than regular voters.
When I mail to others, I give them the option of response methods by providing my mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address. I think true communication includes giving the recipient the opportunity to be heard and choose their method of communication. However, my issue is not with Mrs. Sheldon. Her letter asked the recipient to vote for her husband, Senator/Commissioner Sheldon.
Mr. Sheldon has a record that he alone must defend. Voters must take that into account when deciding who would best represent their views and interests. My support must go to Irene Bowling for State Senate. Her sincerity, work ethic, community involvement, and proven leadership are the qualities we need in every public official.

Roslynne Reed, Shelton
August 19, 2014