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Environmental News Nov. 11, 2013

es newsUsing GPS, WA Cattle Ranchers Track Wolves
A northeastern Washington ranch family is tracking wolves using GPS in a program that hopes to keep the predators away from cattle, reports the program being used by two generations of ranch family.

Rancher John Dawson says he hasn't lost an animal to wolves this year.

Last year, government trappers and sharpshooters killed seven members of the Wedge pack for repeatedly attacking another Stevens County rancher's cattle. That short-term fix came at a high political price: The state Department of Fish and Wildlife received 12,000 emails about the decision, mostly in opposition

Conservation Northwest helps finance three range riders in Washington - the Dawsons in Stevens County, and others in Cle Elem and Wenatchee.

The Spokesman-Review

WA Buys Nearly 5,500 Acres To Protect Elk Habitat
The state Fish and Wildlife Commission on Friday approved the purchase of more than 5,000 acres of Kittitas County forest to protect habitat used by elk. The move is part of a long-term effort by the state and several conservation groups, called the Heart of the Cascades project, to identify the most important pieces of property to purchase and protect as timber companies look to sell off East Cascade land holdings.

Nature Conservancy's James Schroeer says the new acquisition will be 5,497 acres along Manastash Creek, south of Cle Elum, a key migration route for the Yakima elk population. The state will spend $4.6 million to purchase the property.

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