County Fair Grounds. 1908-2013

The Fairgrounds has died, or at least one Mason County resident fears it has, the following obituary was delivered to KMAS for publication - County Fair Grounds. 1908-2013: Despite the valiant efforts of a few members of our community, the Fair Grounds has finally succumbed to dictatorial edicts emanating from a megalomaniacal management system with complications of misinformation, veracity deficiency and narcissism all acerbated by complications of malaise on the part of two of three of the elected overseers. Unfortunately the ailment was discovered to be irreversible due to the unusual disinterest of the citizenry as a whole, which, in turn, was probably caused by the dearth of media coverage. This demise occurred despite the best efforts of a small group who hoped common sense would spread the transition evenly to a new facility in perpetuity to entertain, educate and otherwise give the community occasions to look forward to for decades. Instead of flowers, the survivors suggest that donations be made to support the multitude of small nonprofit volunteer organizations destined to be placed into hospice due to this flagrant abuse of their vital fund raising location.