New ePass Makes It Easier To Get Outdoors

dixon lupine foreverYou are ready to head out the door to visit your favorite spot on a nearby national forest. You have all your gear, your food, your water and, of course, your faithful companion. But suddenly you remember you need a recreation day pass.

What do you do? You grab your mobile device, enter in some information to purchase a National Forest Recreation Day ePass, and then send the ePass to your printer.

Thanks to a partnership between the U.S. Forest Service and Discover Your Northwest, this convenient ePass will be available on April 1, 2014. To purchase the ePass, you simply include the date you plan to visit and the vehicle you will be using. You then print the ePass on your home computer, grab your gear and prepare for a day of adventure on your national forest lands.

“In today’s world, people often make last minute decisions to recreate and expect to be able to use their computers to help them choose their destination and make any purchases they need,” said Claire Lavendel, Director of Recreation, Lands, Minerals, and Heritage Resources. “We are so thankful for the partnership with Discover Your Northwest, which enables us to offer the ePass and help provide this convenience.” Revenue, generated through recreation fees, is reinvested in the special places you are visiting to help operate and maintain them.

The ePass is honored for one day at all Forest Service recreation day-use sites in Oregon and Washington where "Recreation Pass required" signs are posted. The ePass covers the pass holder and any accompanying passengers at per-vehicle sites. The ePass is valid until midnight of the date printed on the pass.

ePasses may also be purchased for a friend or family member, but a license plate number and the planned date of use is needed at the time of purchase.

When you arrive at your destination, simply place your ePass on your dashboard, ensuring that the date and your vehicle license information are clearly visible.

The ePass currently is not available for open topped vehicles such as jeeps or motorcycles because the ePass cannot be displayed without risk of being damaged by weather conditions or stolen.

After purchasing an ePass, you will have two days to print the pass before it expires. This allows people to use their mobile devices to purchase the pass and give them time to access a printer. For more information on the ePass, check HERE. For more information about Forest Service recreation opportunities in Oregon and Washington, check HERE.

March 27, 2014/Forest Service News