Watch For Goats On Mt. Ellinor

goatAggressive mountain goats continue to be a concern to hikers on Mt. Ellinor. This is the time of year they are salt deprived and associate salt with humans. People are warned to avoid them if possible. If a goat approaches you, back up.

US Forest Service biologists are quite often at the summit area to provide information and education concerning our goats.

July 24, 2013/Information from the Hood Canal Information Center

Forest Service Guidelines to keep goats wild:

  • Keep your distance! Stay at least 50 yards away from them – half the length of a football field.
  • If a mountain goat approaches, slowly move away from it to keep a safe distance.
  • If it continues to approach, chase it off by yelling, waving a piece of clothing, or throwing rocks.
  • Never surround, crowd, chase, or follow a mountain goat.
  • Do not feed the mountain goats or allow them to lick your skin or backpack.
  • If you need to urinate while hiking, please go away from the trail to avoid leaving concentrations of salts and minerals near the trail.

Report an encounter:
Dial 911 to Report Emergency Dangerous Wildlife Complaints.
Non-Emergency, dangerous wildlife complaints, call 1-877-3947. The website link for emailing a non-emergency:

For more information - visit the USFS Mountain Goat Safety Website