Daybreak 2

Hiking To Lake Angeles – Olympic Mountains

Lake Angeles - 7.4 Miles RT with 2,300 Ft elevation gain in 3.7 miles. The Olympic Mountains have very few lakes for day hikers to enjoy. Lake Angeles is truly an Alpine Gem & one of the largest lakes in the Olympics. The lake offers a perfect day hike with great reward.


We were hiking on a fairly clear weekday in late August. Half dozen or so hikers were encountered along the trail.
Beginning the hike you start a gentle ascent and you'll hear the sound of the stream below. The trail takes you between, Lake and Ennis Creeks. Both creeks are crossed by foot bridges. The creeks are babbling brooks this time of year.  Fresh green mossy rocks, small waterfalls over boulders - a nice place to soak weary feet on your return.

After approximately a mile into the hike, you begin to go into the burn of 1896. The forest floor is desolate with little, if any undergrowth. The ascent continues on a gentle rise. I was beginning to despair, thinking this wasn't so beautiful, nor pleasing to my visual sense. Due to the downed timber from the 1896 burn, there were a good amount of Woodpecker holes in the timber. Low and behold we see two Woodpeckers right along the trail in a tree finding bugs.

Continuing up the trail a few miles, we come into a open green meadow on the left of the trail. We stepped over a downed tree or two and ‘mercy sakes alive’, we were awed by the sheer rock walls and craggy mountain tops. This was much more than a little bowl - we were in a crater setting.  Finding so much green and open area, we knew we were approaching the lake.
A short distance on the trail we came to a sign pointing to Klahhane Ridge, and the trail to Lake Angeles. Klahhane Ridge is additional 2 miles with 1,000 foot of elevation gain per mile. We continued on the left to the lake trail and camp ground, situated around Lake Angeles.

A perfect lunch spot was obtained just off the trail. Perfect opportunity to look out over the lake; with awe to view the craggy spires overlooking the lake. Fish are in the lake, we watched as they surfaced to catch their lunch. An island in the lake tempts one to want to take a floating device of some sort to float or swim out to the island.

Our hike was out and back, however, this hike can be extended, into a 12-mile loop hike.
Pleasant day hike to Lake Angeles, the trail head is just outside of Hurricane Ridge park entrance.
Just before you get to the entrance booth at Hurricane Ridge, turn right.


Susan Walker
Hiker, Biker, Kayak, & LIVING LIFE LARGE

Photo above/ Lake Angeles from Klahhane Ridge

Photos below / Susan Walker