Daybreak 2

Elfendahl road closed in Tahuya State Forest

quadtrailThe Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will close the road leading to the Elfendahl Pass staging area and trailhead in Tahuya State Forest the week of September 16 – 20. The road will be closed for crews to replace a fish passage culvert that is currently blocking salmon from spawning up river.

Elfendahl Pass inaccessible during road closure
There will be no access to the Elfendahl Pass Staging Area and trailhead during the week-long closure. Elfendahl is a main trail access point for both motorized and non-motorized recreationists. Users are encouraged to use the Mission Creek Trailhead instead via NE Belfair Tahuya Road.

View a map of the Tahuya State Forest here.

Why replace the culvert?
DNR has been working to replace culverts, or stream passageways that pass under roads and streams, which block fish from spawning up streams. Many of these culverts are too small or high for a salmon to make it to their spawning area.

DNR has been working with Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife to identify and replace these culverts across Washington State.

Small Forest Landowners
If you are a small forest landowner and think you may have a culvert that needs to be replaced; DNR has a program to help you. The Family Forest Fish Pass Program assists landowners in assessing and replacing culverts that block fish passage.

September 10, 2013/DNR – Ear to the Ground IMAGE/ Above: The Tahuya trail system will be accessible from the Mission Creek Trailhead during the road closure/ DNR

Below: Example of how stream culverts can block fish passage and how replacements can greatly improve streams. /DNR