Trail Closures In Capitol State Forest


b_250_0_16777215_00_images_stories_Community_Recreation_motobiketrails.jpgTimber harvests operations in Capitol State Forest will cause some temporary trail re-routes and closures near Straddleline until further notice. The North Rim motorized trail (near the North Rim #2, #3 split) has been re-routed onto a forest road. The Loki motorized trail has been closed at the KC line and the ORV park tie trail is closed.

The trail closures are in place for the safety of the public. It’s important to honor these closures for your own safety as well as that of those working in the area. Timber harvest activities will result in increased heavy truck and equipment traffic, so be sure to keep an eye out on the forest roads. Always yield to these vehicles. They are big, and they don’t stop quickly.

Capitol State Forest has many other accessible trails, but if you’d like to avoid the situation altogether, Tahuya State Forest offers excellent trails and is within roughly 50 miles of Capitol State Forest.

DNR updates its web site with information about seasonal and temporary closures as well as other information you need to plan your outdoor adventure. Visit

IMAGE/DNR Law Enforcement Officer Jason Bodine patroling Capitol State Forest/courtesy of DNR