Daybreak 2

Salmon And Gamefish Seasons On Skokomish

fishwa blueAction:  Salmon and gamefish seasons on the Skokomish River will remain open through Dec. 15. Terminal gear (hooks, weights, lures or baits) and line must not be within 25 feet of tribal gillnets.  Effective Date:  Effective Nov. 1 through Dec.15, 2013.  Species affected:  Salmon and gamefish.

Location:  Skokomish River (Mason Co.), from the mouth to Highway 101 Bridge.

Other information: Catch-and-release fishing is open for gamefish. Salmon fishing is open, with a daily limit of 6 salmon, up to 4 adults may be retained.  Release chinook. Night closure, anti-snagging rule, and single point barbless hooks are required through Nov. 30.  

From Highway 101 Bridge to the Bonneville powerline (4718.18'N, 12311.26'W):  Gamefish is closed.

Reason for action:  Harvestable salmon are available, allowing the Skokomish River to open for recreational angling opportunity.