Community Prevention And Wellness Initiative

masoncounty logoShelton School District has been selected to receive additional support to create healthier communities by keeping youth free from using and abusing alcohol and other drugs. The support, which includes funding for training, technical assistance, and community- and school-based substance abuse prevention programs, comes from the state Department of Social and Health Services’ Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR).

Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI) activities will be managed through The Mason County Public Health and Human Services Department in collaboration with a coalition that will be formed in Shelton. The coalition will consist of youth; parents/grandparents; school educators; law enforcement officials; faith leaders; civic/volunteer groups; representatives of sovereign tribes and local governments; business and the media; substance abuse prevention and treatment organizations; and youth-serving organizations. 

The school-based efforts are managed by Educational Service District 113 in collaboration with local school districts and the community coalition. One specialist, in adolescent substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment, will be assigned to serve middle and high school students in the Shelton School District.

According to DBHR, Shelton School District was selected for additional funding due to its high risk of youth alcohol use and community readiness to deal with the problem.  “Community selection was based on an analysis of a number of risk indicators, including school absenteeism, abuse/neglect, families receiving state assistance, and below-average academic performance. A community’s readiness to benefit from these services was also examined during this process.”
The new coalition will engage community members to address key measures of youth health, safety and success, including reducing underage drinking among 8th and 10th grade students, improving academic performance, and reducing juvenile delinquency.  These efforts are anticipated to continue through 2018.

The Health Department is encouraging all adults who live in, the Shelton, Pioneer and Hood Canal School Districts to complete a 25-question survey.  Responders do not need to currently have children in the district.  It should take less than 10 minutes to complete. This survey of community attitudes around youth substance use is anonymous.  Your answers will be private. The summary of all the responses will help the coalition better understand community needs. To complete the survey, simply go to the website link:  To find out how to get involved with CPWI Coalition, please contact: Ben Johnson, Mason County Public Health Department, at 360-427-9670 ext. 545.

November 26, 2013/Mason County Public Health and Human Services News Release