Razor Clams Galore!

razorclam bro neiceWe had so much fun at Moclips beach digging up razor clams this past weekend. The weather was cooperative, mild temps…not too much wind or rain. We started digging 1.5 hours before the lowest tides and found lots of big razors. We had to be quick though!

As soon as the clams made a ‘show’ it seemed a wave would come in and wash all the clues away. In any case, the children knew how to find the tasty treats and we all had our limits in less than an hour. This weekend didn’t seem crowded at all. The good folks at the Ocean Crest Resort in Moclips are wonderful hosts and we enjoyed playing in the hot tub and the pool after a refreshing day at the ocean. So many clams…..and oh so delicious! 

December 16, 2013/Submitted by Angie Rabelos. 

IMAGES/Top: Jermiah and Daughter 3

2nd: (Angie's Mom) Madonna and Granddaughter

3rd: Angies Niece

4th: (Angie's Brother) Jeremiah and Son razorclam mom neicerazorclam neice

razorclam bro nephew