Daybreak 2

TCSO Changing Shoulder Patches

The current shoulder patch used by TCSO for the past 30 years has undergone a change. Effective immediately, a new shoulder patch depicting the capital building and Mt Rainier will be phased in, replacing the stock patch that has been used for decades.

Pushing the decision by Sheriff Snaza to effect this change is the fact that the six points of the star depicted on the old shoulder patch do not represent the seven core values of TCSO. These core values are represented by the seven points of the TCSO badge; Judgment, Character, Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Courtesy and Knowledge. Additionally, the old patch is a stock design used by other Sheriff's Offices both within the State of Washington and throughout the nation.

TCSOnewpatch"I wanted our uniforms and shoulder patch to represent not only who we are but also where we are. This is the capitol county of the state; the capitol dome and Mount Rainier represent both our community and our state." The patch contains the founding date of the Sheriff’s Office (est. 1852); the rolling hills and forest land surrounding the county; symbolizing the Capital within Thurston County as the gateway to the Cascades and Mount Rainier; this all fortified with the wording “Thurston County SHERIFF

A group of personnel within the Sheriff's Office worked with a local vendor to design the patch, as well as re-working the cloth badge worn on utility uniforms and the daily wear jumpsuits worn by patrol deputies. This uniform change follows in the footsteps of a transformation in the fleet. Since 2011, TCSO patrol vehicles have been delivered as black and whites. The more visible patrol car provides an added element of officer presence and professionalism.

September 12, 2013/Press Release from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office