4-H Week In Mason County

This week at the County Commission meeting, 4-H Program coordinator, Kathy Fuller read, and the Mason County Commissioners signed, a proclamation, officially proclaiming this week as National 4-H week in Mason County.  In a briefing session earlier in the week, Fuller and Dan Teuteberg,  from the WSU Extension office presented information on the 4-H program and the program’s focus on “developing life skills” (diversity, teamwork skills, leadership, public speaking etc.) and measuring the performance and result of the existing 4-H programs nationally and locally.  The data and outcome has been measured for two years, and is just becoming available for measuring the results of the program.  

4-H today is more than working with animals. Other programs focus on forestry, recycling projects, sciences, technology and math.  Per the initial round of data collected - 79% of 4-H graduates in Washington state continued on to further their education after graduating from high school.

Read Proclamation (PDF)

National 4-H Flyer (PDF)

October 9, 2013