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Salisbury Represents State Sheriff's at NSA

Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury Represents All Sheriff’s In Washington State. During the week of October 7-9, 2013, Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury attended the National Sheriff’s Association Committee of State (Sheriff Association) Presidents and (State Sheriff Association) Executive Director’s Conference held in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. As the WA Sheriff’s Association President, Sheriff Salisbury represented all of the other 38 Sheriff’s of WA. 

Due to Sheriff Salisbury’s leadership and successful public and private partnerships to fund full time Deputies, Sheriff Salisbury had important and unique experiences to share with Sheriff’s from around this nation.  Specifically, the programs that Sheriff Salisbury has had developed under his leadership are the K-9 Unit and Neighborhood Deputy Sheriff programs in the communities of Timberlakes and Lake Cushman.

The National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) represents all 3,080 Sheriff’s in the United States and works to preserve and protect the Office of the Sheriff, so that the Sheriff’s of this country can provide quality service of public safety to their constituents.  The NSA achieves this goal by being a voice for all of the Sheriff’s of this nation and provides resources to Sheriff’s all over the country.

The many Sheriff’s attending this conference from around these United States discussed a wide range of topics and we are fortunate to have had Sheriff Salisbury be a major voice to enhance public safety in Mason County, WA State and the nation.

The WA Association of Sheriff’s and Police Chief’s (WASPC) completely funded Sheriff Salisbury’s attendance at this conference for the benefit of WA State, but Mason County reaped the benefits for having our chief law enforcement officer of this county fill such an important role.


Photo below - standing left to right:

-WA Association of Sheriff’s & Police Chief’s Executive Director Mitch Barker
-Salt Lake County (Utah) Retired Sheriff Aaron D. Kennard, Executive Director of the National Sheriff’s Association
-Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury, President of the WA Sheriff’s Association
-Hughes County (South Dakota) Sheriff Michael H. Leidholt, President of the National Sheriff’s Association