RAPSody Ride Numbers

The annual RAPSody Ride (Ride Around Puget Sound), a fundraiser for SOCK (Save Our County’s Kids), took place in August (24 & 25). This fundraiser is a destination for bicycle riders coming from Tacoma Community College to Shelton and has become an annual event. This year there were 230 riders that rode their bicycles to Shelton, and stayed the night.

Bottman reported of the 230 bicyclist, 50 of them stayed in local hotels, the remaining visitors camped outside the mini dome or inside the gymnasium at the high school. Over 100 of these visitors choose to eat at local restaurants helping to boost the local economy. Bottman applies for lodging tax funds to help support his event, and utilizes local volunteers to help him organize it. Bottman said the event is growing with new requests from the bicyclists each year and will look to team up with another 5013c organization next year to improve the event and accommodate the new requests.

October 15, 2013/Submitted by Robert Bottman, SOCK