Fire Safety Visit at Mt View Elementary

Central Mason Fire & EMS recently had the honor of visiting Mt View Elementary School’s Kindergarteners during their fire safety training. Firefighters talked with the children about the importance of practicing fire safety all year long. The children learned about; stop drop and roll, get-down crawl low and crawl out, as well as the importance of having and practicing a fire escape plan.

Firefighters showed the group what a firefighter looks like when they are wearing all of their protective clothing and breathing from their air cylinder. The participants were able to experience the sight of a fully outfitted firefighter and the sounds the breathing apparatus make, with the help of personnel they learned they should not be afraid and should never hide from firefighters in the event of a fire.

Firefighters finished the visit with the children by giving each class a walk-around tour of the fire trucks. It was a very fun and exciting learning experience enjoyed by the children, teachers and firefighters alike.

November 11, 2013/Press Release CMF&EMS


fire elem1

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