New Deputy Sheriff

On Wednesday, 11/13/2013, Danielle Branes successfully completed and graduated from the WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission Basic Law Enforcement Academy. The academy is 720 hours or 18 ½ weeks of intensive law enforcement training held in Burien, WA.  The cadets live on campus at the academy and undergo both physical and mental challenges.  Some of the courses that a cadet must pass in order to graduate include Criminal Investigations, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures, Crisis Intervention, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Patrol & Traffic Procedures and Emergency Vehicle Operations.

After a cadet graduates, they must continue their training by spending 3-4 months riding with a Field Training Officer and proving themselves in the field before being allowed to “ride solo” and work alone as a fully commissioned peace officer.

mcs cadetSheriff Casey Salisbury welcomes Deputy Sheriff Danielle Branes as a member of the Mason County Sheriff’s Office and looks forward to her personal and professional development as she joins her other Deputies in their service to the citizens of Mason County.

Attached is a photo of Sheriff Casey Salisbury congratulating Deputy Branes on her successful completion of the basic law enforcement academy.

November 14, 2013/ Detective William Adam PIO MCSO Press Release