Applications Being Accepted For Youth Baseball Coaches

Mason County Youth Baseball Association is now accepting applications for team manager positions! There are usually about 30-35 teams that will each need a manager. To coach an American team (traveling team) the application is due by DECEMBER 5TH to ensure background checks are completed by the time a manager selection is made on DECEMBER 12TH. American team selection process: The managers will be chosen December 12th for each of the American teams (14U, 12U, 10U, 8U). ONLY 1 TEAM PER DIVISION WILL BE CREATED.

The coach will then select the team he will be coaching. There is no longer a selection committee. If you, as a manager, would like to hold an open gym for all of the kids in the division in which you are interested in coaching to get a feel for the kids and their strengths/weaknesses, you may do so on your own dime, but the players MUST CURRENTLY BE REGISTERED for the 2014 season. Your team will not be made official until after the American league division tryouts. Date for tryouts is TBD. 

National team selection process: The manager from last season can freeze 5 players from his/her 2013 season's roster. The remaining players will be selected through the draft process. The main obligation for these teams will be league play. There is a chance that the mustang and older divisions will be interlocking with other areas. If the manager deems his team capable of playing tournaments vs. other leagues on the weekends, he/she may take it upon themselves to enter their team. This can be done with league backing (insurance) however, will NOT be funded by MCYBA.  

If you are interested in managing these teams, you can volunteer directly during the registration process or via the volunteer form, available for print-out on the home page of the new Mason County Youth Baseball website.

November 20, 2013/MCYBA News