Sheriff’s Advisory Breakfast: KMAS Speaks Out

Thursday morning, December 5, 2013, Jerry Eckenrode, owner and office manager of KMAS Radio, spoke to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office Advisory Board, held at the Spencer Lake Bar & Grill. Jerry spoke on the radio station’s operation, the services KMAS provides and the timely information presented to all of the listeners from as far away as Tukwila.

Sheriff Casey Salisbury stated how much he appreciates the partnership that is shared between KMAS and the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. KMAS regularly broadcasts up-to-date information on things like (just to name a few) what roads to avoid and detours to take regarding blocking traffic accidents, storm and weather warnings, and the whereabouts of registered sex offenders.

KMASJEOne of the many interests to the Sheriff’s Advisory Board was Jerry’s comment on how KMAS broadcasts emergency notifications in cooperation from Mason County Emergency Management in order to keep the citizens of Mason County apprised of hazards and natural disasters.

Right before Jerry provided her wonderful presentation, Sheriff Casey Salisbury along with the entire Advisory Board presented an award (The Golden Coffee Pot) and gift to Heather Myrick for her wonderful service as a hostess and waitress. The Sheriff’s Advisory Board has been meeting at the Spencer Lake Bar & Grill for several years, and Heather has been the hostess and waitress for every meeting.Award PU HM CS

Sheriff Salisbury stated that Heather continually goes above and beyond her employment service to be the only breakfast server to a room full of people, remembering all the people and their requests. Heather always meets all of her customers with a warm smile and a hot cup of coffee!

December 6, 2013/Mason County Sheriff’s Office Press Release, PIO Detective William Adam

IMAGES/courtesy of MCSO PIO Detective William Adam
(above)KMAS Jerry Eckenrode, KMAS News Radio, owner & office manager speaking to the Sheriff’s Advisory Board and (below)Sheriff’s Advisory Board Member Pat Utley, Waitress Heather Myrick and Sheriff Casey Salisbury.