CMF & EMS Members Climb To Raise Awareness

KellyannGordonCentral Mason Fire and EMS Members joined over 1,650 other Firefighters from around the world on Saturday, March 9th to Climb 69 flights of stairs…1,311 steps… or 788 feet of vertical elevation to raise awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

The climb requires firefighters to climb the stairway inside Seattle’s Columbia Tower dressed in full turnout gear and breathing apparatus.

Central Mason’s team consisted of ten members this year, and all ten members successfully completed the climb to the top of the Tower!

Central Mason Team members included, Team Captain K.C. Whitehouse, Dan Brock, Don Entus, Mark Frazier, Kellyann Gordon, Brandon Heggie, Norma King, Tanya Mercier, Eric Moore and Justin Zipperer. The team also included Support Staff of Tanya Frazier, Olivia Espinoza, Stephanie Moore, Cassie Rogers and Danielle Hewitt.

The Central Mason Fire & EMS Climbing Team held several fundraising events and raised over $14,500.00 for this worthy cause.

The team would like to thank the Volunteers who assisted us on Saturday, and the Citizens who supported our fundraising efforts this year. Without you all, NONE of this would be possible!

IMAGE above is Kellyann Gordon.

Check for more images HERE.

March 17, 2014/CMF&EMS News