Cit. Editorial: Support CMF & EMS

I am supporting Central Mason Fire and EMS on the ballot this August.

From the citizens they serve, to our first responders we need to ensure Safety First. The right equipment can save lives, ensure faster response times and make the difference. Why now?

Costs are up and Funds are down. The District has seen a significant decrease, in funds from lower property assessments, while at the same time experiencing higher costs and more rigid standards to comply with from the state. All of which are needed to better protect our citizens and first responders. How you can help:

By supporting your local fire district you will be providing the needed funds to protect and serve our community. They are asking for a 34 cent increase, which equates to about a Latte a month or $5.67 for a home assessed at $200,000. The funds will be used to pay for direct needs and keep the level of service that our Mason County residents and visitors expect and deserve.

With your Support They Can:

Properly replace outdated and damaged equipment, repair existing stations, ensure adequate staffing to facilitate the fastest response times, train responders so that they are prepared to deal with any and all emergencies and above all put the Safety First of our citizens, responders and community. Our community is their first priority and our safety is why they do what they do.

Please vote YES with me this August!

Dinah Griffey

Allyn, WA