Daybreak 2

Shorecrest Beach Club – Shelton, Wa

I have lived in Shorecrest since 2008 and overall, the community as a whole is pretty decent. I don’t have any problems with my neighbors, and I have been a crime victim only once since moving here in 2008. That crime was the theft of some small items from my vehicle, which I had left unlocked. Most of the people that I have met in the community are decent people, but if you were considering buying or renting a home here, you wouldn’t know it. Right at the entrance to the community, the Board of Directors of the Home Owners Association has decided to put up this sign. This signage, paints a bad picture of the community here in Shorecrest. Though the message doesn’t say it directly, it indirectly, and more to the point, puts the image of a crime-ridden community into the thoughts of anyone that might be interested in purchasing or renting a home in the area. Honestly, who wants to rent or purchase a home in a community that is filled with crime, especially break-ins? I would certainly avoid it at all costs.
shorecrest cited I am not saying that there is zero crime in Shorecrest, I am certain that there is some, but I haven’t seen it other than my car having some small mostly valueless items stolen out of it when I left it unlocked.
Apparently the Mason County Sherriff wants between $20,000 dollars to put part-time patrol in the area and $40,000 per year for a full-time patrol, which is ridiculous as that is what property taxes, etc. are supposed to support. As a homeowner, I would much prefer to see the Mason County Sherriff’s Department attacking real crime and providing patrols instead of, what I have seen them doing in my area, which is sitting on the side of the road with their lights off, looking for people speeding. There is little traffic out here, and speeding should be the least of their worries if in fact, break-ins are so prevalent in this area that it was deemed best to put up a sign about them.
HoA dues here in Shorecrest are quite low, around $200/year if I remember correctly. The Shorecrest Home Owners Association also has a surplus of cash that is not being used, and barring the Sherriff’s department providing adequate patrols with their current funding, that surplus along with a small increase in dues of approximately (in my estimation) $20-$40/yr could support a part-time or full-time patrol.
This sign, and the information on it, paints this area in a very negative light and one that will further drag down an already depressed housing market. My own home has lost (based on highest appraisal) almost $75,000 in value over the course of the last 5 years. Most of that can be attributed to a bad economy, but I fear the next assessment will be even lower as this will be considered a “high-crime” area due to an irresponsible or simply ignorant Board of Directors that understands very little.
I have demanded that the Homeowners Association remove this very negative sign and they have refused. I have also previously worked as a Board Member to attempt to implement a communications system that was both modern and available to ALL members of the Homeowners Association at no cost to them. Even though this system was very affordable, it was deemed too expensive, though with the changes and systems that I wished to implement, it would have paid for itself over the course of 1-2 years through automation and saved costs of mailing newsletters and other HoA documents.
As it stands right now, with a Board that doesn’t seem to understand how painting the community in a negative light affects every homeowner in the community, were I looking to purchase a house here, I would immediately check the entire area off of my list of possibilities just because of the irresponsible signage that indicates a high level of crime in the community even though in my own experience the crime rate here is low. Once again, I would like to suggest to the Board of Directors that they remove this sign that paints the community in a bad light, and communicate with members through the official website, and/or implement an electronic system that all members are able to access be it at the clubhouse, email or our current website.
Greg Evans
Shorecrest Beach Club Resident
Shelton, WA
Posted Jan 21, 2013