Kathy Haigh's Kats over Kids Bill: HB-1229

Today, Republicans and Democrats sparred over rules changes in Olympia. Two very key rules were brought forth by House Republicans.
1. Pass a rule to require a 2/3rds majority to raise your taxes. This has been voted in favor of by the people of Washington and the 35th District now five different time. This last time the people of the 35th District passed it overwhelmingly with a rock solid 70% or more of the vote.
2. Pass a rule requiring the Legislature to follow the Supreme Court ruling and fund education properly, Fund Education First.
On both votes Kathy Haigh voted NO, blatantly disregarding the overwhelming voice of her constituents. On both votes our freshman Representative, Drew MacEwen voted in favor of both these rules. A move that shows that he is clearly, unlike Kathy, in touch with his district. There are many issues facing the State that require immediate attention and by looking at Kathy Haighs bill sponsorship list she addresses none of them and shows that she is basically there just to collect a pay check and go home. If she is not harrassing citizens with morass big government rhetoric in the house agriculture committee, she is ignoring constituent calls and meetings, or creating self interested bills that harm the welfare of the state and its citizens more than it helps all while ignoring the real issues.
Let me get this straight. Kathy Haigh says NO to funding education and NO to making it harder on politicians to raise taxes, but YES to increasing the size of the Dept. of Health so that we can pay Veteranarians like herself to spay and neuter cats? Im serious, this is how out of touch she really is. She could tackle any issue but decides that cats in low income families are more important than education of kids in low income families. But dont forget, shes feeding herself the bacon; recieving public funding for her private industry.

In "The Fascist Manifesto", Benito Moussolini defined fascism as the state and private industries or corporation having extremely close ties.
As House Republicans and Democrats try to work out a way to fully fund education, the fiscal note in Kathy's bill calls for almost $10,500,000 million for just a span of 2013 to 2015 for cats. Thats alot of funding we could have used for our schools, or more lunches for kids. With the threat of a new capitol gains tax from the State Senate and a plethora of taxes being mulled around in talks at the State House, and a GET program that is completely and utterly insolvent to the tune of what could be over a billion dollars if we were to end it right now, it would be mind melding to assume that it would be ok to create yet ANOTHER NEW program that will cost us big. We need to elect more fiscally aware politicians that arent hell bent on continuing down the path to the largest debt binge in U.S. history and burdening the future generation with extreme austerity. No new taxes, no new spending, no new programs, until you can properly fund education, balance the budget with out shortfalls, and go one term without a special session!
Shame on you Kathy.
- Travis Couture (Belfair)
Posted Feb 4, 2013