Daybreak 2

Senators Tom & Sheldon

In re: your facetious opening line, no one is asking you to “be more partisan and forget about getting things done.” That’s the way they do things in D.C.  We voters, do however, expect our elected officials to support the party that they “preferred” and were pleased to affiliate themselves with during their campaigns.
My personal opinion is that you betrayed the trust of the Democrats who elected you assuming that you would support party values.  We recognize that there are times when Legislators vote in opposition to, or in favor of a particular bill, in spite of party affiliation, but no one ever expects their elected official to effectively “jump ship”. I further believe that your recognition of the “fact” that neither party “had 25  votes needed to govern” is pure balderdash.  I believe what you truly recognized was an opportunity to circumvent the will of the people. It is disturbing to me that any legislator is able to do this with impunity.  As a voter, I feel it is reasonable to assume that when we elect a senate and a house of representatives, the results won’t be changed by individuals who misrepresented their intentions during their campaigns.
Perhaps you believed there was some political advantage to your actions, and perhaps there is. However, you sacrificed your integrity and the trust of your constituents by deciding for the people of your districts and this state which party would hold the majority in the Senate.  That, I would think, is arrogance.  I considered asking you both to think about the consequences of your actions, but as seasoned legislators, I’m sure you considered those consequences very carefully.
Andrea Abruzzo, Belfair
Posted Feb 12, 2013