Is there anyone out there who has not heard that our legislative gridlock in Olympia and the other Washington is the fault of the Liberal Democrats or the Radical Republicans?  Does it matter?  Yes, it does.  We all pay the price for rigid, dogmatic, partisan politics.  When was the last time we had a viable working budget early on in legisative and congressional sessions?  With the brouhaha over the alleged "defection" of two Democrat Senators that supposedly created a majority in one house of the legislature, it would make one think that gridlock, at least in Olympia, is gone.  Tain't so. Gridlock is alive and killing us.  We still have no budget, yet the legislature just set aside $544 million for school construction.  I don't deny that these funds are desparately needed by the schools, but why can't we have a timely budget that allows for we the people to review it before it is passed in a big rush so our devoted partisan legislators can get out of town before their per diem runs out? This is what the majority of people who still have the ability to think choose to be independent voters and do not subscribe to the sheep-like following of party doctrine. Wake up people! It's way past time to demand compromise and cooperation in the best interests of the people our legislators allegedly represent. Take a look around you. Our streets, highways, and bridges are falling apart! And not just in Seattle!There is enough fault on both sides to say "A pox on both their houses."  Nothing will change until we demand our Legislators and Congressional Delegations be held accountable to the electorate, not some hide bound out of touch political party.

Richard Barnes, Feb. 12, 2013