Daybreak 2

Dear Editor:

Mason County Citizens should know that there may be serious gross errors in the document declaring a Declaration of Non-Significance that was passed on a two to one vote at a recent meeting.  This declaration and passage will have huge impacts on our citizens.
After meeting with well known environmental/land use attorney this past week, it was confirmed that there were impact errors in the document.  Therefore, in order to avoid a costly law suit and a waste of taxpayers money, the Port Commissioners should re-visit this declaration.
Commissioner Jay Hupp is the only Commissioner that voted no to the change of use on an area known as the Mason County Fair Grounds, and should be commended for his action.  Jay Hupp knew that changing the fair grounds area to an aviation area would have a serious impact on many groups in Mason County, our economy and our way of life.  He also knew that this was not necessary for airport use.  (Way to go Jay.)
Before this action took place, the fair grounds area was zoned commercial, industrial and other purposes, which allowed the many yearly events to take place for the past fifty plus years.  Now it is zoned aviation reserve.
Some of the groups that have used this area in the past and will be affected are the 4-H, Future Farmers of America, Boy Scouts, Grange, Master Gardeners, Flora Clubs, Rock and Mineral Society, American Rhododendron Society, Northwest Chapter of Historical Trucks, Rock and Mineral Society, Mason County Historical Society, American Farm Engine and Tractor Association, school, the Oysterfest, and the Mason County Fair, plus other fraternal and service organizations.  Other events that will be affected are car shows, motorcycles, family outings, dog shows, dog training classes, horse shows, many RV meetings, entertainment groups, dances, theater groups, sporting events, business and merchant shows, cultural and heritage events including but not limited to Polynesian, Indian, Filipino Asian, Hispanic and Samoan. 
Wallitmer and Taylor should correct their error and not waste the taxpayers money.  Maybe the County should re-zone the area or take the land from the Port as Washington State did when they built the State Patrol Academy.  After all the county owned this land before the Port existed, as far back as 1926.
Sincerely yours,
Annette S. McGee, Sheton WA
Posted Feb. 19, 2013