First Responders

On April 1st a family tragedy brought me to Shelton where I had contact with personnel from numerous emergency response agencies; I would like to take this opportunity to recognize them and the community for putting together such a fine team:

Fire – Lake Limerick Fire Chief was the 1st responder and set a calming and professional tone for the entire event.  

Medics – Debbie and her partner were quick to the scene, informative, and kind.

Sheriff – Deputy Willard coordinated the efforts of all responders while treating both myself and family with genuine respect. 

Coroner – Wes Stockwell and his team were knowledgeable, compassionate and very informative.  Additionally, Mr. Stockwell made time after the initial investigation to take calls and answer questions from additional family members.

Animal Control – Sheriff C. Brewer arrived to corral and care for animals and help plan a future path for their care.  I cannot remember the last time I met someone so passionate about their job; a real-life “angel” sent in time of crisis.

Because it can be common for there to be some confusion when multiple agencies interact, I want to recognize Mason County for its hard work in developing such a qualified and caring team of professionals.  All those who provided aid and assistance represented themselves and their community exceptionally well on Apr 1st.   Thank you.


Bob Russell, Chehalis, WA
Posted April 12, 2013