Citizen Editorial - Thanks to Firefighters

Thank you Mason County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2394 for the rapid response to our home. I also want to thank the voters and the Friends of Central Mason Fire and EMS for passing the Lid Lift that kept our crews fully staffed and close by.

On Friday night Sarah fell down our stairs hitting every one. She got up in pain but nothing seemed broken. Then she went into the kitchen to grab a glass of water and hit the floor, the glass rolling around next to her. She was silent and still, her eyes didn’t blink as she stared ahead at nothing and no amount of shouting her name or shaking her did anything at all. We dialed 911 and the next thing I knew we were not alone on the kitchen floor and my daughter was in caring hands.
 She came around and is back to herself with the exception of being annoyed by all of us who thought we had lost her to an aneurysm and keep hugging her and starring at her little healthy self.

I do believe in miracles and the great EMS team we have at District 5 in Central Mason.
Dinah Lee Griffey, Allyn, Wa